Serafinita Lounge Chair with child sitting on one Serafinita Lounge Chair with child sitting on one

Serafinita Children’s Lounge

Designed by David Dahl

The younger sibling to the Serafina Lounge collection, Serafinita is specially designed for children’s seating applications. From pediatric facilities to libraries, bookstores, retail outlets and more, Serafinita offers a safe and stylish comfort zone for waiting, playing or general mischief.


Serafinita Lounge Chair with child sitting on one


Serafinita Children’s Lounge 03
Serafinita Lounge Chair, Two-Tone
Serafinita Children’s Lounge 04
Serafinita Lounge Chair
Serafinita Children’s Lounge 05
Serafinita Love Seat, Two-Tone

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Designed By

David Dahl

A graduate of the industrial design program at the University of Cincinnati, Dahl has been making one-of-a-kind furniture pieces for residential clients for over 25 years, and seating for the contract market for over two decades. His hands-on approach – David builds his own scale models and prototypes to ensure seating comfort – has made him a sought-after partner by many nationally recognized manufacturers.

Whether turning raw lumber into a custom table for a West Hollywood dining room or designing a chair that is tailored to a hospital waiting room, the hallmarks of David’s designs are the same – clean lines, attention to detail and, above all, an obvious passion for his trade.