Serafina Modular Healthcare Application Serafina Modular Healthcare Application

Serafina Modular

Designed by David Dahl

An open spaces dream, the Serafina Modular Series can fill a room like no other. Tapered lounge chairs are adjoined with connecting bridges that mirror its angled qualities to create a uniquely uniform and elegant relationship that withstands scale, shape or function. From straight-line tandem seating to semi-circular and S-shaped configurations, each component is specified individually, along with a host of accessories, for creating the ideal setting.

Serafina Modular Healthcare Application


Serafina Modular 03
Serafina 2-Seater Closed Upholstered Bridge
Serafina Modular 04
Serafina 2-Seater, Closed Wood Bridge, Data Port
Serafina Modular 05
Serafina 2-Seater, Closed Wood Bridge, Tablet
Serafina Modular 06
Serafina 2-Seater, Closed Wood Bridge
Serafina Modular 07
Serafina 6-Inch Straight Upholstered Bridge
Serafina Modular 08
Serafina 20-Inch Straight Laminate Bridge
Serafina Modular 09
Serafina 60-Degree Closed Wood Bridge, Tablet
Serafina Modular 10
Serafina 90-Degree Closed Laminate Bridge
Serafina Modular 11
Serafina Single Lounge
Serafina Modular 12
Serafina Loveseat
Serafina Modular 13
White Serafina Single Lounge
Serafina Modular 14
Dark Brown Serafina Single Lounge
  • Single, 2-seat and 3-seat armless units.
  • Connecting bridge available in six sizes: 6” wide straight, 20” wide straight, 30-degree, 45-degree, 60-degree and 90-degree.
  • Bridges available in beech veneer, laminate, upholstered, or in combination.
  • Corian® top option available.
  • Optional rotating tablet and power units available on individual chair units, seat end-units and specified connecting bridges. Tablet offered in beech, walnut and white oak finishes, in addition to laminate and Corian®.
  • Each seating unit comes standard with four concealed linking connectors and bridges come standard with four linking receivers.
  • Linking connectors pivot outward from underneath chair to link with bridges, with no tools or hardware required.
  • All connecting bridges are interchangeable and reversible.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs. for lounge chairs, 700 lbs. for love seats and 1000 lbs. for sofas.
  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified (select models).
  • Lounge starting COM list price = $1,863.
  • Bridge starting list price = $1,211.

Spaces + Places

Designed By

David Dahl

A graduate of the industrial design program at the University of Cincinnati, Dahl has been making one-of-a-kind furniture pieces for residential clients for over 25 years, and seating for the contract market for over two decades. His hands-on approach – David builds his own scale models and prototypes to ensure seating comfort – has made him a sought-after partner by many nationally recognized manufacturers.

Whether turning raw lumber into a custom table for a West Hollywood dining room or designing a chair that is tailored to a hospital waiting room, the hallmarks of David’s designs are the same – clean lines, attention to detail and, above all, an obvious passion for his trade.