Achella Modular

Designed by Chris Panichella

Versatile in every way imaginable, the Achella Modular Collection embodies creative freedom in the realm of public seating. Arm and armless lounge seats, tables and benches align together to form configurations of curvilinear descent, classic straight-line arrangements, or a combination of both to create inspired arrangements of limitless potential.



Achella Modular 07
Achella Modular 08
Achella Modular 09
Achella Modular 10
Achella Modular 11
Achella Modular 12
Achella Modular 13
Achella Modular 14
Achella Modular 15
  • Arm and armless lounge chairs available individually or in modular combinations.
  • Two back heights: 29 1/2” and 32 1/2”.
  • High back models available with optional clean-out opening between seat and back.
  • Straight, 30-degree inside wedge and 30-degree outside wedge models.
  • Tables available in 12” and 22” wide straights, 30-degree narrow, 30-degree wide and 90-degree dimensions. Finish options include maple veneer, laminate and Corian®.
  • Benches offered in 22” wide straight, 30-degree and 90-degree options.
  • All models feature signature metal leg, with three finish choices.
  • Power units available on select models.
  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified (select models only).
  • Lounge starting COM list price = $1,361.
  • Bench starting COM list price = $1,081.
  • Table starting list price = $1,142.

Finish Options

10 Natural Maple

11 Natural Beech on Maple

21 Caramel Maple

31 Cinnamon Maple

36 Bourbon Maple

115 Maple Cocoa

71 Kona Maple

26 Ebony Maple

Laminate - Brite White

Laminate - Clear Maple

Laminate - Siren Maple

Laminate - Honey Maple

Laminate - Natural Rift

Laminate - River Cherry

Laminate - Windsor Mahogany

Laminate - Shaker Cherry

Laminate - Empire Mahogany

Laminate - Cocoa Maple

Laminate - Witchcraft

Laminate - Absolute Acajou

Laminate - Iconic Maple

Laminate - Slate

Laminate - Black Ashwood

Laminate - Black

Corian - Designer White

Corian - Rain Cloud

Corian - Linen

Corian - Witch Hazel

Standard Metal - 92 Polished Aluminum

Standard Metal - 90 Metallic Silver

Standard Metal - 95 Satin Black

Spaces + Places

Designed By

Chris Panichella

A top graduate of the School of Industrial Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Chris began his early career designing sets for broadcasting studios, yet always had a passion for furniture and spent most of his down time working on furniture designs and other related moonlit projects.

In 2006, he turned that passion into a full-time business by forming Achella Design Studio, and has since produced successful designs for a broad range of markets including industrial, retail, contract and outdoor furniture.