Savina Lounge

Designed by Rainlight

Elegantly crafted, with modern style and exceptional comfort as its forte, Savina effortlessly finds its place in corporate lobbies, healthcare environments, hospitality lounges and more. Lounge and love seat models, with or without end tables, optimize space for maximum seating potential while stand-alone lounge, love seat and bench models serve any number of purposes. Add technology to the mix and multi-functionality abounds.


Savina Lounge 05
Savina Lounge 06
Savina Lounge 07
Savina Lounge 08
Savina Lounge 09
Savina Lounge 10
Savina Lounge 11
  • Lounge and love seat models.
  • Fixed legs feature adjustable glides and are offered in standard and premium metal finishes.
  • Under-seat power units available.
  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified.
  • Accompanying modular seating, benches and occasional tables complement lounge units.
  • Starting COM list price = $1,556.

Finish Options

Standard Metal - 92 Polished Aluminum

Standard Metal - 90 Metallic Silver

Standard Metal - 06 Charcoal Grey

Standard Metal - 95 Satin Black

Premium Metal - 140 Oasis

Premium Metal - 141 Mint

Premium Metal - 142 Mercury

Premium Metal - 143 Canary

Premium Metal - 150 Stone

Premium Metal - 94 Cotton

Premium Metal - 83 Metallic Champagne

Premium Metal - 07 Gold Shimmer

Premium Metal - 08 Penny

Premium Metal - 09 Brown Sugar

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Over the past 2 decades, Rainlight has focused on corporate, healthcare, educational and residential furniture. Collaborations with a broad range of furniture clients, from large multifaceted corporations to small family-owned businesses, their experience spans highly developmental ergonomic task seating to more fashion driven soft seating products. They take pride in solving problems, understanding their clients and providing the best possible solution for their needs.