Designed by Gemma Bernal

However you approach it, Flipside offers a comfortable and stylish place to do all things. Available with or without a backrest, its signature style is defined by wood details, a durable metal frame and seat cushions with suspension webbing for lasting comfort. For short or long stays, there’s no better place to be than on the Flipside.



Flipside 09
Flipside 10
Flipside 11
Flipside 12
Flipside 13
Flipside 14
Flipside 15
Flipside 16
Flipside 17
Flipside 18
Flipside 19
Flipside 20
Flipside 21
Flipside 22
Flipside 23
  • Two, three and four-unit combinations for stand-alone and modular configurations.
  • Units are built as modules starting with the frame size, then adding seats and tables from left-to-right as facing.
  • Seating units offered with or without backrest.
  • Passive-flex backrest and suspension webbing in seat cushions provide continuous comfort.
  • Integrated, connecting and end tables offered in white oak veneer, laminate, Corian and Fenix.
  • Power units available for placement below the frame as well as on tables.
  • Tamper-resistant floor mount hardware available.
  • 350 lb. weight capacity.
  • Starting COM list price: $1,859

Designed By

Gemma Bernal

With an appreciation for the complexity and beauty in everyday life, Gemma Bernal’s design philosophy is founded in the underlying concepts of shape, structure and ultimately, craftsmanship.  Holding dual Master’s Degrees in ephemeral architecture from the University of Barcelona and furniture design from the University of San Pablo, Valencia, Gemma continues to live and work in her home city of Barcelona where she has won numerous awards and collaborated with brands worldwide while simultaneously enjoying a long and fulfilling teaching career in product design and other related disciplines.

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