Furniture Contract for the
Contract Name: Educational / Institutional Furniture
Contract Number: 420-420-10-1 
Effective Dates: 6/01/10 - 5/31/18

Arcadia Chair Company 
5692 Fresca Drive 
La Palma, CA 90623 
Tax Identification: #95-2981958
Vendor Number: 210485 


Discount: Contact Sales Representative or
Arcadia Customer Service

Freight Program: Prepaid to Destination


Orders will be shipped within 45-60 days after
receipt of Purchase Order
Payment Terms: Net 30 Days

Department of Management Services Florida Website:


Approved Products:
All products featured in the Master Price List dated March 2017. 
Note: Products not yet approved: Brink, Chatter, Co-op, Flirt M.A.T.E, Spot and any newer products introduced thereafter.

Authorized Dealers:
Authorized Dealer Listing - FL.pdf

Ordering Instructions (PDF)
Environmental Statement (PDF)
Environmental Policy (PDF)
Recycled Material Synopsis (PDF)
Arcadia GSA Price List