Pirra Lounge, High Back with Romp Table Pirra Lounge, High Back with Romp Table

Pirra Lounge

Designed by Gemma Bernal

Gentle curves, a slender profile and the style and warmth of wood encapsulate the calming presence of Pirra. With a relaxed seated pitch and suspension support in both seat and back cushions, its lasting comfort brings an indulgent feeling at every encounter.

Pirra Lounge, Mid-Back & High Back
Pirra Lounge, Mid-Back with Betwixt Table
Pirra Lounge High Back Pirra Lounge High Back

Designed By

Gemma Bernal

With an appreciation for the complexity and beauty in everyday life, Gemma Bernal’s design philosophy is founded in the underlying concepts of shape, structure and ultimately, craftsmanship.  Holding dual Master’s Degrees in ephemeral architecture from the University of Barcelona and furniture design from the University of San Pablo, Valencia, Gemma continues to live and work in her home city of Barcelona where she has won numerous awards and collaborated with brands worldwide while simultaneously enjoying a long and fulfilling teaching career in product design and other related disciplines.

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