Committed to providing value as solutions, Arcadia can readily modify standard products or develop custom solutions as needed.  By remaining responsive to ever-changing requirements, Arcadia’s manufacturing capabilities makes short work of special needs to meet design, budget and time requirements with ease.  Examples of our custom capabilities include:


  • Modifying product dimensions (height, width, depth or scaled to fit)
  • Interchanging components (e.g. applying legs from one series to another, as applicable)
  • Utilizing alternate base designs (e.g. plinth base application, special legs, etc.)
  • Applying non-standard technology units as well as addressing custom placement requirements
  • Accommodating special fabrics and finishes
  • Custom wood finish matching
  • Foam density preferences
  • Alternative seat mechanisms
  • Corporate or team logo etched in glass table tops
  • Corporate or team logo embossing or embroidery on seating products
  • Custom product design


From initial project requirement identification, order processing, product engineering and manufacturing, to timely delivery and installation management, follow-up training and support, Arcadia has the relevant products, experience and expertise to manage the size and nature of any project.