WorkSmith Cabinets

Designed by Rainlight

Combining generous storage with clean lines, WorkSmith Cabinets offer the ability to display your work or keep things neatly stored away and out of sight. Adjustable shelving provides ample space for storing essentials, while casters help keep things mobile. Optional steel pulls and fixed legs add further appeal.


WorkSmith Cabinets 05
WorkSmith Cabinets 06
WorkSmith Cabinets 07
WorkSmith Cabinets 08
WorkSmith Cabinets 09

Finish Options

162 White Oak on Ash

163 Walnut on Ash

164 Cocoa Ash

166 Smoky Umber Ash

167 Slate Grey Ash

165 Kona Ash

Designed By


Over the past 2 decades, Rainlight has focused on corporate, healthcare, educational and residential furniture. Collaborations with a broad range of furniture clients, from large multifaceted corporations to small family-owned businesses, their experience spans highly developmental ergonomic task seating to more fashion driven soft seating products. They take pride in solving problems, understanding their clients and providing the best possible solution for their needs.