Contract for the 
Contract Number: PC66228 
Group 20915 – Furniture, All Types; Award 22398 
Effective: 12/2/13 – 12/1/18

Arcadia Chair Company 
5692 Fresca Drive 
La Palma, CA 90623 
Tax Identification: #95-2981958 

Company Contact: Customer Service
Telephone Number: 800-585-5957 
Facsimile Number: 714-562-8202 

Email general inquiries to: 

Discount: Contact Sales Representative or
Arcadia Customer Service

Freight Program: Prepaid to Destination 

Arcadia can receive purchase orders in two manners: 
> Agencies can send in their P.O.s to Arcadia c/o authorized dealers at our address 
> Agencies can place orders directly with authorized dealers 

Orders to be mailed to:
Arcadia Chair Company 
c/o Authorized Dealer Name 
5692 Fresca Drive, La Palma, CA 90623 
Email orders to: 

Orders will be shipped within 45-60 days after
receipt of Purchase Order
Payment Terms: Net 30 Days

Payments to be mailed to:
Arcadia Chair Company 
5692 Fresca Drive 
La Palma, CA 90623 

Approved Products: 
All products featured in the Master Price List dated March 2017.

Products not yet approved: Nios Executive, Nios Guest and Spot Benches.

Sales Representatives:

Downstate New York:
Gibson Interior Products
Ken Gibson
Phone: 888.410.4477
Fax: 212.685.1078

Upstate New York:
The Girvin Group
Todd Girvin
Phone: 518-608-4848
Fax: 518-608-4824

Authorized Dealers:
Authorized Dealer Listing - NY.pdf

2017 Master Price List (PDF) 89MB